20 Gym-Free Exercise Options to Sculpt the Perfect Body

If you're wondering why your waist-compression belt isn't working to give you the body of your dreams, the answer might be that you're missing one of the most essential ingredients in the recipe for physical fitness: the right exercise routine.

Bodyweight exercises are becoming more popular every day as a simple and straightforward way to improve flexibility, balance, and strength, without the issue of added fitness equipment. Who needs the hassle and expense of a gym membership when you can get the body of your dreams with nothing but motivation and your living room?

From carving out a killer core with your waist-compression belt, to defining lean legs, and bulging biceps, the following list of gym-free exercise optionscovers every part of the body, and every basic workout move you need to get healthier and stronger with nothing but your own bodyweight resistance.

Gym-Free Exercise Options

Full Body Exercises

1. The Bear Crawl

Embrace your wild side and build up full body strength with the bear crawl. Starting on your hands and knees, lift your bodyweight using your tiptoes, and tighten your core, reaching forwards slowly with your right knee and right arm. Follow on by bringing your left knee and arm forwards, and continue the crawl for about 10 reps.

2. Stair Climb with Bicep Curl

Venture just outside of your living room and turn your stairs into your own cardio machine. Grab a couple of weighty objects that you can use for dumbbells, and walk briskly up and down the stairs while simultaneously performing bicep curls to exercise the whole body.

3. Burpees

Easily one of the most effective full-body exercises around, burpees start out in a low-squat position that balances your hands on the floor. Extend your feet backwards so that you're in the push-up pose, then complete a single pushup before jumping straight back into a squat. Push yourself away from the floor as high as possible, return back to the push-up.

4. Plank

Gym-free exercise options rely on the popularity of the plank. Start by lying down with your forearms on the floor, hands clasped in front of you. Extend your legs behind your body as straight as you can, and push your weight up onto your toes, tightening your core to keep your spine straight. Hold the position for as long as possible. Remember to use your waist compression belt for an extra boost.

5. Tuck Jump

Standing with your knees very gently bent, jump up as high as you can, as though you're trying to hit the ceiling, and pull your legs up to your chest while throwing your arms out in front of you. Land with your knees slightly bent and jump again.

Leg Exercises

1. Wall Sit

Find your favorite wall and lean against it, slowly sliding your back down the brickwork until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your knees are situated directly above your ankles, and that your back remains straight - then hold the pose for as long as you can. It might be a good idea to use knee compression here if you struggle with painful joints.

2. Squat

Stand with your feet parallel, and slowly begin to crouch by bending at the knees and hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that you don't let the heels rise off the floor, then press onto your heels to return to the standing position.

3. Lunge

With your feet about a hip-width apart, stand with your hands on your waist, and push your left leg forwards, slowly lowering your body until your right knee is hovering just above the floor - probably at about 90 degrees. Return to the standing position and repeat the other side.

4. Single Deadlift

Start off standing with your feet close to each other, then slowly lift your left leg, lowering your torso and arms while continuing to lift the left leg away from the floor. Keep your right knee slightly bent and push your palms as close to the floor as possible without touching it. Raise your torso while you lower your left leg, then switch to the right leg.

5. Step-Up

Step-ups are about as simple as gym-free exercise options get. All you need is a bench or a step to get started. Simply place your right foot on the surface, and step up onto it until your leg is straight. Then return to the starting position and begin again using the opposite leg.

Arms & Shoulders

1. Triceps Dip

Sit near a bench with your knees gently bent, and grab the bench with your arms straight. Bend your arms about ninety degrees then straighten them again while your heels push the floor. Try reaching out one arm while lifting the alternate leg for a better challenge.

2. Boxer

With your feet a hip-width apart, bend your knees and keep your elbows tucked into your body, extending one arm forward as the other pushes back. Hug your arms in and switch, like you're preparing for a fight.

3. Arm Circles

Simple but effective, stand with your arms by your sides, then slowly make clockwise circles with the limbs for about thirty seconds, before reversing the movement and going counter-clockwise.

4. Diamond Pushup

Make a diamond position on the floor with your hands - meaning that your thumbs and index fingers touch, then complete a set of push-ups as usual to add an extra workout to your triceps.

5. Shoulder Stabilization

Lie on your stomach with your arms extended over your head, then move your arms into the following letter formations: I, Y, T, W, and O.


1. L-Seat

Sit with your feet flexing and legs extended, then place your hands on the floor, lifting your hips away from the ground and holding your weight for five seconds. Don't forget to use your waist compression belt to focus heat around your midsection.

2. Flutter Kick

Lying on your back, extend your legs, and keep your arms at your sides, before lifting your heels away from the floor and making small pulses with your legs, keeping your core tense. Try to keep kicking for as long as possible.

3. Russian Twist

Sit with your feet together, a couple of inches from the floor, and knees bent. Your back should be at a 45-degree angle from the ground before you move your arms one side to the other in a twisting motion.

4. Crunch

Lie on your back, while keeping your feet flat and your knees bent. Put your hands behind the head, and bring your head and shoulders up off the mat while tightening your core. Hold your position, then relax.

5. Shoulder Bridge

A great addition to gym-free exercise options. Lie on your back with your knees bent, arms at your sides, then lift your hips and spine away from the floor, so that only your shoulders, head, feet, and arms are on the ground. Lift one leg upwards to tighten the core, then switch to the other leg.

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