Heat Up your Diet: The 5 Best Spices for Boosting your Metabolism

  1. Best Spices for Boosting your Metabolism

Losing weight quickly is no easy task. While most people know that the key to getting the perfect body is adjusting their diet and upgrading their exercise routine - many fail to remember another important element: heat. Just as your waist compression gear can kick-start your exercise efforts by focusing fat-burning heat around your mid-section, a diet packed with spicy solutions can take your metabolism up a notch.

If you choose to flavor your meals wisely, then the spices you use to cook with can boost your metabolism and help your body burn excess fat. To give you the extra boost you need for a quick weight-loss regimen, we've put together five of the best spices for boosting your metabolism. Remember to use them with a sweat-inducing waist compression gear workout to get the maximum results.

1.    Ginger

Ginger is brimming with antioxidants and health benefits. What's more, a good dose of this ingredient in a smoothie or on your meal could help to increase your metabolism rate by around 20%. These fantastic results are all down to the ingredient "capsaicin", and the gingerols found in ginger. If you're looking for great ways to introduce ginger into your diet, remember you can find it in powders, crystalized into candy, and fresh in the produce section.

2.    Cinnamon

One of the favorite flavors of autumn and winter - but a pantry staple all year around, cinnamon can do far more for your body than stimulate your taste buds. A dose of cinnamon in your coffee or on top of your breakfast porridge can help to minimize bad cholesterol, reduce your chances of suffering with type 2 diabetes, and improve blood pressure. On top of that, cinnamon boosts your metabolism, aids in digestion, and helps your body to process sugar more effectively.

3.    Cayenne

Spicy and pungent, cayenne pepper is perfect for kicking your metabolism into high-gear. Many of the best spices for boosting your metabolism work because of their high capsaicin content. Cayenne pepper is no exception - it's active compound is capsaicin, and it contains huge amounts. This substance raises your metabolic rate and gets you sweating without you having to move a muscle. What's more, studies suggest that cayenne leads to an increase in fat oxidation processes of around 16%.

4.    Turmeric

Perfect for adding flavor to your average curry, turmeric is brimming with a substance known as "curcumin". This active component contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to fight against heart disease, depression, cancer, and various age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Although the weight loss abilities of turmeric are still being studied, its potency for boosting your metabolism does seem promising.

5.    Cumin

Finally, cumin is a popular spice used in dishes across the world. Although cumin hasn't been studied as widely for its fat-burning abilities as the other items on this list, recent research suggest that regular cumin consumption reduces levels of bad cholesterol, and increases good "HDL" levels. What's more, waist circumference, body mass index, and weights of women regularly eating cumin in this study were significantly reduced.





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