How to Replace Belly Fat with an Hourglass Shape

Replace Belly Fat with an Hourglass Shape

Plenty of women dream of having a stunning hourglass figure. Though all shapes are beautiful, most of us have our own idea of what we'd like to see when we look into the mirror, and most of the time what actually appears there doesn't meet with our own ideas of "perfection". Though most people will struggle to be completely happy with their body, there are steps that you can take to change and sculpt your shape if you're willing to put in the time, and effort. With an effective routine, and a few simple tricks, you may be able to replace belly fat with an hourglass shape.

Remember, the following tips may work for you, but it's worth noting that your natural body shape is decided largely by genetics, and your idea of the perfect tiny waist might not be something that you can fully accomplish. In other words, your aim should be to use the following tips, but focus on being as healthy, and happy as possible.

1.    Look for Ways to Accentuate Your Waist

The hourglass figure is all about the waist, which means that your main focus will be on slimming that middle section of your torso. Though diet and exercise are particularly helpful here when it comes to accessing long-term results, if you don't naturally have the hourglass measurements that you want, you can create the illusion of the figure you desire with a combination of the right clothes and accessories.

For example, a waist-slimming belt can help to suck in your stomach and tighten your waist so that you show a more curvaceous figure. Combine that with dresses that flare out at the hips and nip in at the waist, or jackets that come with an adjustable belt, and you'll be able to draw more attention to a small waist.

2.    Start Working On Your Cardio

The waist-slimming belt mentioned above isn't just ideal for showing the illusion of a slimmer stomach, it can also help you to replace belly fat with an hourglass shape over time. Wearing a compression belt during your cardio workouts can help to slim down your midsection faster, by increasing the concentration of heat around your stomach and banishing excess water weight.

Cardio is also one of the best things you can do to improve your heart health, and it can include anything from swimming, to cycling, running, dancing, or step aerobics. Interval training is also one of the most popular exercise options for those who are short on time to spend on the gym, but want to burn as many calories as possible.

3.    Change Your Meal Plan

Finally, most people know that to replace belly fat with an hourglass shape, they need to lower their caloric intake. However, eating less isn't quite as simple as it sounds. Maintaining a healthy diet can be particularly complicated if you try to starve yourself, but it is possible to lose weight and keep your tummy happy if you switch your regular meal plan for eating a selection of smaller, more frequent meals during the day.

Eating six small meals instead of three large meals a day will stimulate your metabolism to help you burn calories faster, and significantly reduce your risk of overeating by banishing the desire for snacking in between lunch, dinner, and breakfast.


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