The Top 5 Home Exercise Trends of 2021

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The year 2020 has changed the way we live our lives forever. The health lockdowns that lasted for almost an entire year changed the way we work, the way we eat, the way we shop, and of course, the way we keep our body and mind healthy amidst everything else that’s going on outside of our homes.

With more and more gyms closing their doors due to economic difficulties the pandemic has caused worldwide, many of us have also adapted to exercise and workout routines that cater more to our newfound lifestyles. 

These unforeseen circumstances also saw us buying more exercise equipment as we turned our spare rooms and living rooms into our very own home gyms. And while things are slowly going back to the old normal, many people have gotten used to keeping fit and healthy inside the comfort of their own homes. 

In fact, a study has shown that more and more people opted to continue their home workouts instead of going back to their old routines at their local gym despite the easing of restrictions. And with that being said, it is safe to say that the golden age of home gym exercises are here to stay.

With all these things considered, we have decided to come up with a list of home exercises that are trending and will continue to trend in the year 2021 so you won't have to be left out on what’s hot and what’s not in this year’s home exercise trends.

So without further adieu, here are

The Top 5 Home Exercise Trends of 2021

1. Home Gyms

home gym with dumbbells

Like what we have mentioned above, home gyms have become a trend since 2020 and are still growing strong in 2021.

A recent survey showed that 75 percent of the respondents believe it is easier for them to stay fit and healthy at home. And while the growing clamour of setting up a personal gym at home was primarily due to the pandemic restrictions, a large number of the fitness population has stated that they will still continue doing their exercises at home.

Aside from the feeling of freedom doing workouts at the comfort of one’s home, it is also noted that buying exercise equipment for home use is considerably less than paying for a gym membership.

2. Yoga

Woman doing yoga on yoga mat

Although yoga practice has been around for thousands of years in its native India, the surge in both physical and mental health awareness have made yoga a household name in recent years.

And with the onset of the pandemic, more and more people have sought inner peace and prosperity to combat stress and depression that the lockdowns have ensued to everyone.

Adding to that, the ease of access to online yoga workout videos have made yoga the perfect combination of body and mind exercise for many people around the world. It is also expected that yoga and pilates will become a $66 Billion Industry by 2027.

Just make sure you have a premium yoga mat to accompany your holistic journey to the realms of peace and wellness.

3. Recovery Exercises

man wearing waist trimmer during recovery exercise

As the use of home gyms and home exercise equipment rose over the past year, more fitness buffs have sought for a quicker way to recover from their strenuous activities.

The once professional-only recovery equipment is now readily available for public use for non-athletes unlike years before.

The past year also resulted in unwanted weight gains to many. This is primarily because the stay at home routine caused many people to become less-aware of their fitness and eating habits. 

Since then, the use of slimming and recovery products like the  Waist Trimmer has increased. More and more people started using the waist trimmer to assist in faster reduction of flab in the midsection and also used it as a needed recovery support for people who have back pain and injuries.

4. Heavy Gym Equipment

gym equipments with large exercise mat

The restrictions in attending establishments with large crowds had an adverse effect in the way people give in to heavy insane workouts. And heavy workouts require heavy equipment too.

Due to their need for extreme workout routines they were used to during the non-pandemic times, many of them purchased the same gym equipment for their personal use at home.

Even if the cost of these heavy-hitters are way too hard on the pocket for many, sales of gym equipment rose up to 200% in the first quarter of 2020 alone. 

While expensive and impractical years ago, many of these hardcore fitness buffs see their purchases as long-term investments as the popularity of a personal home gym will have a steady increase in this year and more years to come.

But before you purchase a treadmill for yourself, make sure you have a premium extra large exercise mat first so you wouldn’t have problems with the proper sizing and protection for your home as these heavy gym equipment can damage your floors without a proper mat to put them on.

5. Extra Large Exercise Mats

man and woman working out on exercise mat

Many people miss the ambience and feel of a community gym and one of the best things they miss about it is the size and comfort of a dedicated gym exercise mat.

While doing exercises on your plain floor or carpet has been done for ages but the advancement of technology has given birth to a new and better home exercise experience.

Not only do these large exercise mats help you avoid unnecessary bumps and bruises due to their advanced non-slip material and thick surface, these essential home gym equipment also gives you more freedom to do more than just regular exercises because of their size and versatility.

But be aware though, because not all exercise mats are the same. Premium High-Quality Exercise Mats are made only from the best materials for enhanced functionality and overall longevity.

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